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  • 6 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider a Windows Phone

    With Android and iOS ruling the market, you probably only heard a little about the Windows Phone (WP) platform, which is humbly seated in the third place. But did you know that it packs a number of unique features and functionalities exclusively in its system?

    Windows Phone

    If you’ve been using a Windows-powered laptop, the functions of the mobile edition is not that different. In fact, according to Verizon’s consumer page for Windows Phone, there is nothing to learn, for your phone looks more like your PC and vice versa. Apart from its easy-to-use user interface, we’ll give you the top reasons why you should consider getting a WP soon.

    Microsoft Office Mobile Edition

    Take advantage of the phone’s built-in Office Hub. From there, you can access the following MS Office programs: Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote. You can create, open, and edit documents with this productivity app, giving you the flexibility to work while on-the-go. The OneNote also allows you to record audio, add a picture and include active hyperlink. You can also set up your Outlook Mail in the hub, giving you the convenience of porting your work-related files.

    Social Media Integration

    Windows Phone syncs your social networks in the system without needing a third-party application. The People Hub, for instance, which contains all your contacts automatically including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connections and their social feeds. Within it, you can access  their pages and interact with them.

    In the Pictures Hub, aside from your camera roll and image folders, your Facebook and Twitter photos are also displayed in a dedicated album. It will also also displays a timeline of your friends’ newly shared images.

    Customizable and Dynamic Live Tiles

    Just like the PC version, the smartphone is equipped with customizable Live Tiles on the home screen. This is the counterpart of the notification center in the other mobile platforms. These tiles give you a quick access to your apps or favorite contacts. By default, you will have the basics: dialer, email, calendar, pictures, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Marketplace, and the People Hub.

    These tiles are animated, showing you real-time notifications or images. For instance, if there’s a new message, it will display the number of unopened texts. You can even change its size. A full sized messaging tile will even give you a one-liner preview of your incoming SMS.

    Being fully customizable, you can even set the color of the tiles in the settings menu.

    Kid’s Corner

    One of the unique features of this gadget is the inclusion of Kid’s Corner. This is Windows approach to the increasing number of children using mobile devices. It comes with a parental lock to ensure they’re safely browsing and fiddling on your smartphone.

    App Compatibility

    Unlike in other platforms, the phone only suggests applications that are compatible with its specification. For example, Android users are still allowed to purchase an app even if it is not compatible with the handset.

    Xbox Live

    If you have an Xbox console, your account is integrated with the Gaming Hub, showing your stats as well as your friend’s achievements. There are mobile versions of your favorite Xbox LIVE games which you can install and play in your Windows Phone. You can even set your own avatar and chat with your friends within the hub.

    These are some of the reasons why we think the WPs are unique on the market. As you can see, even if it's not the most popular mobile platform, it boasts of functionalities that will help improve your productivity and user experience. If you want to try this gadget, consider browsing on our list of smartphones. Are you thinking of moving to the Windows platform? Share us your thoughts.


    About the author:
    David Thompson is always interested in phones, social media, mobile handsets and fashion and design. Aside from blogging he is a fan of playing computer games and he also regularly contributes to a newly-launched tech blog

  • New Website, Design, and Server!

    Over the past few months Tech Twurl has undergone a complete transformation. We are proud to announce to you the new release of Tech Twurl. We have moved our website to a new server which will improve speed and security. Amongst many features a few notable ones are:

    • New response and innovative design for easier and quicker navigation
    • Cross browser and mobile support
    • New pricing algorithm and more products
    • Fast one page checkout
    • Easy account options and rewards program
    • Easy registration/login using Facebook login
    • Integrated blog
    • Higher security and performance
    • Straightforward navigation menu
    • Automatic prepaid shipping label generation


    The Tech Twurl team has spent countless hours in the past few months to provide you the same service, only better! Please note our website is still under performance and maintenance so let us know if something doesn't seem right!

    As always, Tech Twurl is the #1 place to sell your electronics!

  • How To Create And Share Quick "Disappearing" Videos On Your Cell Phone

    If you’re looking to record quick videos on your cell phone of moments taking place that do not require full on video editing, then the horde of new apps aimed at “quick videos” is for you. There are two specific apps which come to mind that are growing in popularity that allow anyone with a cell phone to take and share quick videos on the fly.

    The two apps are profiled and discussed below. We like the concept behind both apps and think each one offers an interesting take on this new phenomenon. Take a look at both and see which one appeals to you the most and which one is the one that will help you in taking good quick fun videos on your phone. Tell us in the comment field please.


    Have you heard of Vine? If not, you will. This is a micro video platform from the guys and gals over at Twitter. With the Vine iPhone app you can record and share videos that last up to 6 seconds long. Yes! only 6 seconds. Which means you have to get super creative in order to make Vine work for you. We quite like the idea behind Vine and think it makes for great quick videos. You can take a Vine video for just about any reason, but the true nature of this app is to take videos of things that are “in the now”, things that capture you for just a moment but one that you want or MUST share. Give Vine a whirl today.

    Snap Chat

    This Android and iPhone app is quite unique and leading the way in the “disappearing phone messages” trend. What makes this app unique is that is plays your text or video message for up to 10 seconds then it magically disappears from the recipients phone. You take your shot, send it to a friend, the recipient then has to keep their finger on the screen in order to view it - then it’s gone. It’s new and one of just a handful of apps that cater to this ever growing market. Again the purpose of this app like Vine above is to capture quick fleeting moments, share and then move on. Pretty much like in real life.

    With communication getting faster and more nimble, we are only going to see more and more of these types of apps. When it comes to social media and smartphone usage, we need and want fast and easy. Make it easy for us to share, easy for us to capture - and you’re gold. Developers are paying attention and creating apps that reflect this new need.

    Have you tried Snapchat or Vine? Tell us below in the comment field, how you have used them. Do you find they serve a purpose and will be here to stay or are they just another flash in the pan.

    Guest Post by: Missy Diaz from Know Phone

    As we run our cell phone lookup service, we at Know Phone, are always looking at new phone trends and ways to make our service usable and more accessible to a variety of smartphone users.

  • Could Samsung Beat Apple in the Smartphone Industry?

    Apple and the iPhone certainly get a lot of buzz in the media, but are they really securely on top when it comes to the smartphone industry? An infographic posted recently by analyzes the fierce competition Samsung is creating for Apple.

    In 2012, these were the only two companies to turn a profit on smartphones. Revenue in that year totaled $183.5 billion for Samsung and $156.5 billion for Apple. In terms of employees, Samsung has almost twice as many workers at 220,000, compared to Apple's 115,200. Samsung also has a much larger budget for research and advertising, spending $7.1 billion more than Apple in research and rivaling Coca-Cola in advertising dollars. However, Apple still came out on top when it came to profits. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple made 43 cents on every dollar spent on smartphones, where Samsung pulled in 36 cents. By comparison, Nokia earned seven cents. All other phones averaged a profit of 14 cents per dollar spent.

    Apple's profits totaled 43% more than Samsung's in 2012. But as for who sold the more phones, Samsung came out ahead, giving them a larger market share at 21.8% versus Apple's 15.1%. On top of this, Samsung also boasted a much higher growth rate from 2011 to 2012 in terms of their number of shipments, with 97.5% growth compared to just 38.3% for Apple.

    In 2012, Apple ranked number one for smartphone brand loyalty, but Samsung took over the title in 2013 with Apple falling to second. For more facts and figures, check out the infographic.

    Samsung Infographic

  • 7 Reasons You Should Consider Buying the iPad Mini - A Features Overview

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