Windows 8 vs. iOS 6 - The Pros and Cons of Both

Windows 8 vs iOS 6Celtics vs. Lakers, Giants vs. Patriots, Nadal vs. Federer, marquee rivalries are what every fan lives for.  For the tech junkie, the biggest rivalry has always been Windows vs. Apple. In the mobile world, Apple and Android dominate the market share combining for a total of 90% market share while Windows phones have only around 7%. However, Windows plans to change all that with the Windows Phone 8, its new operating system for mobile devices. With Apple’s recent announcement for iOS6, does the new Windows Phone 8 compare?


Windows 8

I don’t know about you, but without a turn by turn GPS system I get lost easily. This is why the map function on a cell phone is one of the most important. Old Windows phones had Bing maps, but the new Windows 8 will feature Nokia maps. Some features will include Global NAVTEQ map data, offline support, and turn by turn directions.


Apple will feature its own newly detailed maps that include turn by turn directions and 360o 3D panoramic view. This new 3D feature is called the flyover feature and will allow you to major areas in a stunning view in high resolution. Users will be able to “zoom, pan, tilt and rotate” the maps with a flick of the wrist.

Round 1 Winner: iOS6

While Windows 8 mobile does upgrade by partnering with Nokia, the new iOS6’s new flyover feature takes the cake this round.

User Friendliness:

Windows 8

Windows 8 Phone

Probably the most dramatic and noticeable change in Windows 8 is a new start screen. Gone is the bland screen of the old Windows mobile replaced by colorful, customizable tiles. The start screen alone is probably the biggest selling point of the new Windows 8. Tech reviewers have raved it as “sexy” and as Windows 8’s “marquee feature”. <insert picture of Windows 8 start screen>

Besides a new start screen, Windows 8 will also match Apple’s Siri with its own voice recognition system. During a demo, the speech platform allowed users to play movies, browse audiobooks, and perform searchers with the command of a voice. Anyone have any suggestions with what Microsoft could name its voice recognition system?

Lastly, Windows 8 will feature a new Wallet feature where users will be able to store credit card and debit card information, coupons, and membership cards. It is akin to Google’s Wallet with one difference: Windows’ Wallet stores information on a secure SIM card allowing for easy transfer from one device to the next.


Ios 6

Probably the most attractable feature of Apple’s current mobile interface is the voice recognition system Siri. In the iOS6, the new Siri features abilities to list sport stats, understand multiple languages, reserve at a restaurant, and launch apps. In short, Siri will be the ultimate butler that you never had.

In competition with Windows 8’s Wallet feature is Apple’s new passbook feature. Passbook will allow users to store boarding passes, cards, coupons, and retail coupons all in one place. Passbook will even keep track of your location opening coupons depending on your location. For example if you had a coupon for a movie that you forgot about, when you get to the theater Passbook will kindly remind you of the coupon that you have.

For the Facebook addicts, iOS6 will feature Facebook integration throughout the whole operating system. From posting your location on maps to integration of Facebook events to your calendar, Facebook will be everywhere.

Round 2 Winner: Tie

Windows8 Mobile will definitely have new and exciting features but only time will tell if it can stand up to the already mighty user friendliness that Apple users love.

Hardware + Apps:

Windows 8

While Apple and Android have been apple to support multi core chips, Windows have lagged behind. This will change with Windows 8 as it will support multi-core chips. Windows 8 devices will run on dual core Qualcomm processors. Another aspect that Windows phones have greatly lagged behind Apple and Android are applications. Apple and Android users enjoyed access to hundreds of thousands of apps while Windows’ users had to suffer from a meager pool. Windows 8 will now allow for developers to deliver content through an integrated purchasing tool. Yes that means you will be able to play Words with Friends and look after your animals in Farmville.


Apple has not officially released details of the hardware specifications for the Iphone with the new iOS6 but rumors include quad core processing, 4G LTE, and even possibly a bigger screen. This would mean that for the first time, the Iphone will get a bigger screen size.

Round 3 Winner: Apple

iOS 6 Call Back Reply

While Windows 8 will definitely have improvements in both hardware and apps, I don’t think it will match up with Apple’s yet.

TL, DR: Windows Mobile 8 will definitely make Windows more competitive in the mobile market with totally revamped features including a sexy start screen, a new wallet feature, and voice recognition. On the other hand, even though iOS6 will bring more or less of the same, I think that Apple will still have the edge. Windows Mobile 8 will definitely cut into Apple’s and Android’s market share.

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